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4 Ways to Make Your Color Last

The average woman invests upwards of $3750 per year into different beauty products and services. This amount accounts for things such as makeup, skin care, hair care, beauty tools and appointments with beauty professionals. For many women, a large portion of that money is spent at the salon having their hair done.

Maintaining gorgeous hair is a combined effort of using quality products and seeing a stylist who can help you achieve your hair goals. But what happens when you leave the salon? Are you doing everything you can to maintain your color? Here are four things you can do at home to help your color last longer and look more vibrant. 

Rinse with cool water - A nice hot shower is a wonderful way to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Unfortunately, hot water can also dull your salon colored hair. The warmer temperature can open the cuticle (outer-layer of your hair) and allow for your color to escape and fade. On wash days, turn the water temperature down to luke-warm while rinsing your hair to help preserve the color. 

Use pH Balanced products - One of the most important factors in keeping salon colored hair vibrant and fade free is the products you use. Make sure you’re opting for pH balanced products like the COLOR Enhancing Shampoo and COLOR Retaining Conditioner, both of which are formulated to help close your cuticle and reduce chemical fading to help lock-in your salon colored hair. 

Try a home-made Vinegar Rinse - As you’ve guessed, the pH of your products will have a direct impact on your cuticle and thanks to pollution, humidity and damage, your cuticle will open throughout the course of the day. Once a week, try mixing 1 part apple-cider vinegar with 7 parts water and pour through your hair in replace of conditioner. The mixture will help ensure that the cuticle in firmly closed and reduce the likelihood of fading.

Invest in quality products - Lower quality shower and styling products can cause your hair to dry out, fade as a result of not falling into the ideal pH range of 4.5 - 5.5. Make sure you’re investing in products that are pH balanced, free of parabens, sulphates and phthalates and are approved for frequent use on colored hair. 

Your salon colored hair is an investment worth protecting, and these simple tips can help you maintain your stunning color long after you leave the salon. 


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