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Benefits of a Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Benefits of a Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Boar bristle brushes have been used for grooming and styling for hundreds of years, long before synthetic or plastic brushes were invented. The boar bristle hair brush is a staple in the hair and beauty community because of its numerous benefits. Healthy hair starts at the root and a quality boar bristle brush can be the key to gorgeous hair. 

Natural Conditioning - Boar bristles are one of the only materials that can help to evenly distribute the hairs natural oils from the roots to the ends. This is a natural form of conditioning that will leave the hair soft, shiny and healthy. Those oils are good for your hair when distributed properly, but when left to sit on the scalp they leave the root feeling oily and the ends feeling dry.

Reduced Frizz - As the oils are distributed from roots to ends, frizz is reduced. The oils tame flyaways and make the hair sleek and smooth. This is why boar bristles are perfect for styling sleek, polished hairstyles such as buns and ponytails. 

Scalp Stimulation - One of the best ways to promote hair growth is to stimulate the scalp. Doing so will promote increased blood flow and help hair be longer and stronger. Many people choose to use a scalp scrubber or do a simple scalp massage with their fingers when washing their hair, but what about when your hair is dry? This is the perfect time to use the bristles on your boar bristle brush to stimulate the scalp.

Heirloom Quality - Unlike synthetic materials and plastics, boar bristle brushes are made to last. Their heirloom quality is what makes them worth investing in. If cared for and cleaned properly, a boar bristle hairbrush can be used for years and years to come. 

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