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Explore the Revolutionary New COLOR Line from RAINCRY

Explore the Revolutionary New COLOR Line from RAINCRY

Professionals estimate that over 70% of women color their hair regularly, which means that for most women, a visit to the salon has become almost a ritual. Some women dye their hair to cover the signs of aging, some women want to enhance their natural color, and others just prefer something other than the hair color they were born with.

Regardless of why people dye their hair, it can be quite an investment. Maintaining a gorgeous color takes time and effort, and most of the hair products out there aren’t doing much to help keep color looking vibrant after leaving the salon.

That’s where RAINCRY’s new COLOR line comes in. Founder Feisal Qureshi wanted to develop a shampoo and conditioner set that would help to enhance and maintain salon color wash after wash. Developing this line took a lot of research and time to get the formula just right, so let’s meet the COLOR products:

COLOR ENHANCING SHAMPOO - Flaunt what your stylist gave you.

A state-of-the-art formula, rich in Ceramides that not only may help preserve, but also enhance your color/chemical service.The optimal pH formula helps reduce the risk of color fading and chemical service depletion, while Geranium Oil and Birch Extract may help lock in your enhancement longer in-between visits for that perfect, just-left-the-salon looking hair - all of the time.

COLOR RETAINING CONDITIONER - Help preserve your hair’s fresh, salon appearance.

A blend of Hyaluronic Acid and traditional Essential Oils that may defend against color fading and chemical treatment wash-out. Rich in Cysteine Amino Acids, this advanced conditioner may help repair damage that occurred during the chemical process and add softness, shine, and vitality to tired-looking strands. Give your hair the defense it deserves and experience glowing, envious locks in-between visits.

As always this new line of products is pH balanced, paraben free, sulphate free, pthalate free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, color safe, keratin treatment safe and safe for frequent use.


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