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Style Guide: Selecting the Right Round Brush

Style Guide: Selecting the Right Round Brush

Round barrel brushes are a beauty tool used by hair professionals worldwide to give clients a gorgeous style after their service. Round brushes can also be used for at home use when styling your own hair. For best styling results, you will want a brush that is compatible with not only your styling needs but your hair length as well. 

Types of Round Brushes

Round brushes are often categorized based on the bristles that are used to make them. The two most common types of bristles are boar bristles and nylon bristles. Both types of round brushes will help to decrease blow dry time, reduce breakage and damage, increase shine and assist in achieving salon quality hair. 

Boar bristles will also help to reduce static and will condition the hair by transferring the natural oils and product from the scalp to the ends. Boar bristle round brushes like the SMOOTH 2.0 PURE Natural Bristle Brush should be used by those who want to smooth, polish and add shine to their hair while styling. 

Nylon bristles will help to reduce tangles while styling and adding mega volume and hold. Nylon bristle round brushes like the VOLUME Magnesium Volumizing Brush should be used by those looking for extreme volume or curl when styling.

Choosing the Right Size

Regardless of what brush bristle style is right for your hair, it’s important to also have the right size. Unlike paddle brushes, round brushes are designed in different barrel widths to accommodate different hair lengths. Small brushes are ideal for those with quite short hair, medium brushes are ideal for those with mid length hair that doesn’t reach the shoulders. Large brushes are best suited to those with longer hair that reaches past the shoulders while plus or extra large brushes are best for those with very long hair reaching past the shoulder blades.

For those with mid to long hair, a plus size brush can also be useful for a looser, more bouncy look. Similarly, medium or large brushes can be used on those with longer hair if tighter curls are the desired outcome. 

Quality Matters 

Round brushes are a tool to be used frequently and choosing a quality product is a guaranteed way to elevate your styling experience. At RAINCRY we understand quality tools lead to gorgeous hair which is why our brushes are made with premium nylon and pure boar bristles. They are also designed to reduce hand fatigue for both professionals and at home users. All RAINCRY brushes are handcrafted in France or Italy. 


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