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Sustainable Luxury is Possible

The hair industry is frequently visited but rarely scrutinized. For decades many brands have been manufacturing products with little to no oversight (it was only a few short years ago that the industry was rocked by keratin treatments that reportedly had dangerous and toxic levels of formaldehyde). Even RAINCRY’s founder, Feisal Qureshi was not immune to the effects of the industry’s harsh chemicals. Within the first few years in the industry, Qureshi developed a severe allergy to many products commonly used by stylists at the time. Despite being prescribed the highest cortisone creams available by prescription, there was no remedy to his severe skin irritation and condition. In defiance of his doctors’ orders, he thankfully stayed in the industry but vowed decades later to create a safer, healthier, and ‘cleaner’ alternative - so others would not have to suffer. That is why sustainability, in all of its levels, remains a hallmark of the RAINCRY brand. 

Since the 1970s, Earth Day has been an annual celebration of our planet and all its beauty, while raising awareness on how to protect our planet and its natural resources. Now, with global concerns more pressing than ever, one should put a focus on sustainability year-round. With most people already familiar with “reduce, reuse, recycle,” RAINCRY chooses to dig deeper than just the known.

We believe sustainability, eco-friendly living, and environmental concerns are something we should consider daily and continue to work towards more efficient solutions. We also believe that sustainability is about protecting the environment and ensure that our packaging is recyclable. 

But for RAINCRY, sustainability is not just about packaging or recycled goods. It is also about protecting people. Through his decades in the industry, Qureshi created RAINCRY’s high-quality, high-performance products to be safe on all skin types and were designed to be used frequently without irritation. Qureshi’s key criteria were to create wet products that were pH balanced that blended not only science, but also ethnobotanical ingredients to help promote beauty, vitality, and wellness. Sustainability should be inclusive and used by everyone but should also acknowledge and retain many of the traditional ingredients of cultures 

For RAINCRY, sustainability is not just about Earth’s natural wonders, but also culture, heritage, and knowledge. All of our handcrafted brushes are created using European expertise that has been handed down for over a hundred years. Each bespoke brush honors and preserves this heritage and ensures a quality product that opposes the modern-day practice of mass production. Quality products mean less in our landfills and this practice also ensures these specialized craftsmen remain employed and pass their knowledge down for future generations.

As the industry continues to change, so must we. At RAINCRY, we will continue to create sustainable products while maintaining the highest degree of quality, performance, and craftsmanship that we have become known for. Beauty should be sustainable and accessible to all. No one should suffer nor be forgotten regardless of whether you are referring to the maker - or the user. Committed to bringing the best to the industry, we will continue to combine tradition and innovation to push the boundaries of sustainability. Exceptional craftsmanship. Unmistakable results. Sustainable. That is the RAINCRY promise. 


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