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The Importance of pH Balance

We all know the importance of balancing the pH in our bodies, but what about in our hair and on our scalps? pH balance will directly impact the performance of your hair product and the way it leaves your hair after each use. 

A non-pH balanced product will cause more damage to your hair by leaving the cuticle open; causing dryness, color loss, damage / breakage and bond degradation. A pH balanced product like the ones made by RAINCRY are designed to close the cuticle after each use to help minimize product induced damage that results in healthier, shinier, stronger hair.

Use pH to Combat Scalp Concerns

By maintaining the scalp's natural pH level, some commonly solved problems may also include: itchy / irritated scalp, rashes / bumps, dermatitis, folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles), sebum (oil) regulation and/or dandruff.

Why More Brands Aren’t Offering pH Balanced Products

pH balanced haircare (4.5 – 5.5 pH) was once the standard that distinguished professional haircare from lesser brands. True pH balanced hair care is more expensive to produce and unfortunately due to this, most hair products are no longer pH balanced. 

As a result, some brands have “masked” or try to hide that damage through the use of coating ingredients. This is why many people say that their hair feels worse after they stop using certain products – with the masking agents gone, your hair is now showing you its real condition.

After spending years as a stylist, RAINCRY’s founder Feisal Qureshi was determined to offer luxury haircare that blended both science and ethnobotany. From this determination, our pH balanced haircare lines were born, each one targeting specific hair concerns and improving overall hair and scalp health.


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