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The Power of Our Handcrafted Quality

RAINCRY brushes are proof that ‘green’ products can produce the same, high-powered, consistent results as the other products in your cabinet that may not have as honest of origins. RAINCRY styling brushes represent consciously crafted beauty -- the idea behind every brush we create is excellence in beauty; our process is rich in heritage and each step marks a meaningful part of the end result you know and love.

Our brushmakers in Italy and France, where each of our lines are exclusively handcrafted, have been making hairbrushes for over 150 years -- they are highly skilled artisans who have created brushes for European royalty. Our process starts and ends with people: it has always been a top priority at RAINCRY that those crafting our hairbrushes are compensated fairly, and for their expert skillset, and not based upon corporate profit.

The materials we use to create our brushes are sourced from around the world -- local French beechwood, root boar bristles from Nepal... they’re all of the absolute highest quality. Equally as significant as their quality is the ethically sustainable process in which we acquire them. At RAINCRY, we pride ourselves in being environmentally cautious with the planet and ethically responsible to those who are on it. We believe that by taking care of the planet, we’re taking care of the people on it.


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