PURE Natural Bristle Brush - Large - 2.6 inches


Large size is ideal for long hair (past shoulders) and used to smooth, polish and enhance shine. No Nylon - Only a PURE Boar Bristle brush can provide the advantage of conditioning by transferring natural oils and product from scalp to ends. RAINCRY’s PURE Boar Bristles also helps close the cuticle and enhance shine for easier and healthier styling. Lightweight yet durable, the longer, triangular, sustainable Beechwood handle offers additional comfort and grip that helps reduce styling fatigue. Exclusive to the RAINCRY Smooth 2.0 Collection, is the Root or “first-cut” bristles—the best portion of the bristle—which are sourced from the Himalayas and are used for their extra-stiff and strongest quality. RAINCRY’s Spiral Design increases the brushes’ heating surface and channels air around the brush for less drying time and helps prevent snagging and damage. 2.6" / 65mm. Handmade in France.