Influenced by the beauty of the environment and those who inhabit it, RAINCRY has elevated the hair industry with its portfolio of premium brushes; made by stylists, for stylists. Founded by an accomplished salon and session artist Feisal Qureshi, who has two decades of experience ranging from red carpet and runway, to editorial and education, RAINCRY has set a new standard of refinement integrating world leading design, cutting edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship.


The RAINCRY story starts with an elderly man, who hailed from a small village in the French Alps and peddled hairbrushes throughout the North American salon community. At the time, the product was seen as an industry standard, but upon the peddler’s retirement, both Qureshi and his peers realized that the once considered “commodity”—which happened to be highly regarded by royalty—reigned supreme. Years later when replacement brushes were needed, they found the North American offerings weren’t up to par so Qureshi contacted the Alps to place an order. He then learned the French brush manufacturer had been sold and the patterns were lost. Still on the search, Qureshi looked to London but quickly discovered a global gap in the market for high quality, high performance styling brushes. Eager to replace the tools he had come to rely on, Qureshi worked with French craftsmen to recreate the peddler’s product. Over the next year and a half, a team of top stylists tested numerous designs, contributed technical expertise and provided personal preferences until they unanimously agreed that RAINCRY Smooth was the best brush they had ever used and could one day be a “brush leader” in the professional and consumer markets. In the wake of the success of the RAINCRY Smooth Collection, Qureshi was asked to create a thermal line of styling brushes that would share the same quality and performance as its predecessor. Following the same design process as before, the RAINCRY Volume Collection was born eighteen months later.


As a company, RAINCRY utilizes brush-making tradition, technological innovation and stylist experience to create brushes of quality and performance that produce enhanced results. RAINCRY hairbrushes adhere to the highest standards and are entirely handmade by French and Italian craftsmen. These artisans have close to two centuries of combined experience and a rich tradition in European hairbrush making—a factor that is often overlooked and undervalued by brush providers worldwide. Since a proper green brand should start with its people, RAINCRY is committed to fair compensation to help preserve these skills and continue this rich tradition and heritage.

Always ethically responsible, RAINCRY only uses environmentally conscious materials that are harvested through renewable resources. Pure Boar Bristles, exclusive to the RAINCRY Smooth 2.0 Collection, are sourced from the Himalayas for their extra-stiff and strong grade. These bristles allow the brush to easily glide through hair to enhance shine and decrease split-ends. Due to its lightweight and durability, sustainable Beechwood, which is native to France, has been shaped into a long, triangular handle for better balance and grip.

RAINCRY is also the first to master spiral bristle placement, a design feature that increases the brushes’ heating surface and channels air all the way around the brush for less drying time. The bristle placement, density, and grade also facilitates the brush’s break-in period. With RAINCRY, optimal performance is achieved within six uses as opposed to twelve months. Once bristles fan and bend, RAINCRY hairbrushes will produce a stylist approved blowout.



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