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Feisal Qureshi - RAINCRY Founder
Feisal Qureshi, RAINCRY Founder and Creative Director



"Beauty is not real.  It changes every few years and is definitely not about the 'things' we buy or how we look… but rather how we perceive ourselves.  What is real is how we 'FEEL' when we wear those 'things,' use those 'things,' or experience those 'things.'  Beauty in that moment is therefore about how you 'feel" about yourself and as a hairstylist, make-up artist or founder of a beauty brand, you become a custodian of those emotions to help enhance peoples' lives.   I suppose it’s my way of trying to impact our world… to have your clients feel better about themselves than before you or your products touched them.  You really haven't done your job unless that happens regardless of how great a person may look.  That is the greatest secret of the beauty industry... it's not about how you make people look but rather helping people feel good about themselves and that's the part of this industry that I’ve always loved!" 

 - Feisal Qureshi, podcast transcript.



Having worked alongside some of the greatest hairstylists of our time, Qureshi’s experience has spanned over three decades in the beauty industry.  Based out of Toronto and entirely self-taught, his craft has taken him across North America and Europe for trade shows, editorial, television, red carpet and runway. While widely known for his backstage talents, he is also recognized as a sought-after platform artist and educator who has taught, color, blow dry and dry cutting courses across North America for leading beauty brands including L’Oréal and Schwarzkopf Professional. Throughout his journey, he has maintained a presence behind the chair as a salon owner, crediting his adoration for culture and community.   Most recently, Qureshi has applied his decades of experience to create RAINCRY – a luxury hair care brand with technical stylist experience at its core.


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